Food Service Foils

When most people think of foil, food service foil is what comes to mind. From the foil rolls found in every household kitchen to the foil wrappers at famous chain restaurants, food service foil is undoubtedly one of the most common foil products.

All Foils is an expert in all types of foil processing and products, and food service foil is no exception. All Foils’ foil can be used for several food service applications, such as:

  • Container liners
  • Food wrap for hot and cold foods
  • Food labels
  • Beverage labels
  • Oven liners

Our unique capabilities include converting light gauge unsupported foils along with high temperature curing for inks and coatings requiring exposure to extreme environmental conditions. We can also provide foil in a multitude of colors and sizes, and we offer custom printing services for those who want to include their logo on their foil wrappers.

We offer a variety of specific food service foil products:

Ham Wrap – Foil printed with brine-resistant ink for spiral hams

Confection/Candy Wrap – Colorful, customizable non-stick wrappers for confectionary products

Cheese Wrap – Foil designed to assist in keeping cheese fresh through a long shelf life

Turkey Wrap – Foil for keeping both hot and cold turkey fresh

We also offer a unique “sandwich wrap” foil type, which is a grease-proof paper specifically engineered to stand up to 99% of market condiments. You can’t go wrong with the strength and versatility offered by All Foils’ food service foils.

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  • Food Service Foil
Gauge .00035″ – .0015″
Sizes Sheets
Minimum Stock Colors = Varies Based on Size
Non-Stock Colors = 250 lbs. Minimum
Logos Random
Colors Stock (See Color Brochure)
Pantone or PMS is available too!
Laminates 15# Tissue
Grease-proof paper
  • Sandwich Wrap
  • Potato Wrap
  • Burrito Wrap
  • Meat Wrap
  • Food Containers
Colors File Downloads
Black & White Hues
Gold Hues
Red Hues
Green Hues
Blue Hues
Orange Hues
Brown & Beige Hues
Pink & Purple Hues
Matte Black Foil Wrap
Matte Black Foil Wrap
This lightweight foil is coated on both sides and can be molded to mask surfaces exposed to extreme temperatures and lighting

Food Service Foils
Food Service Foils
Our Food Service Foil is FDA and Kosher approved for use with direct and indirect food contact

Candy Foil Wrappers & Confectioner’s Foil
Candy Foil Wrappers & Confectioner’s Foil
Customized sheets and rolls are available in both unsupported and supported (paper backed) forms and in a multitude of colors

Heavy-Duty, Colorful Foil Ham Wrap
Heavy-Duty, Colorful Foil Ham Wrap
We stock gold, red, green, silver and blue wrap for same day shipments in half & whole ham sheets