Candy Foil Wrappers & Confectioner’s Foil

Enhance Your Brand with Custom Candy Foil Wrappers

Candy is one of the most sold products in the world. Most holiday celebrations have candies that are specific to them, sweets fill the racks at store checkout registers, and who can resist purchasing something sweet at a theater concession stand? Candy is always a booming huge industry.

While chocolate may reign at the top of the candy industry, the confectionery empire boasts a widely competitive landscape. From candy bars to hard candy, there is a seemingly endless list of competitors, with new ones entering the fray on almost a daily basis. If you make and wrap your own candy, you need wrappers that are protective and eye-catching to stand out from the crowd. Why not wrap your candies in paper backed candy foil wrappers from All Foils?

At All Foils, we deliver high quality candy foil wrappers, each offering the color and finish you need to win the battle for your customer’s attention. All of our coils & sheets are stocked in a dozen different hues, for your convenience. Additionally, our in-house laboratory allows us to custom color match to your exact specifications, so we can match your existing branding and make your foil wrappers work for you! We also offer foil printing services, so you can add your personal logo to make your product even more unique.

Our candy foil wrappers offer the convenience of a lightweight design, making them the ideal choice for hand or machine wrapping chocolates, candy bars and other food products in which the shape and detail of the product are featured.


Bolster Your Brand with Eye Catching Confectioner Foils

When you choose All Foils for your candy wrappers, the possibilities are endless. We can provide both supported (paper backed) and unsupported colored candy foil wrappers, candy bar foil and other confectioner’s foils. In addition, with more than 100 hues available, we remain confident that we can assist you in bolstering your brand’s perception in today’s increasingly competitive confectioner marketplace.

Other candy foil wrapper services we offer include:

  • Logo Printing: Build brand awareness, cultivate business, and create a lasting first impression.
  • Colored Printing: When battling for the eye of the customer, there is little doubt that color and finish play a major role.
  • Lamination: Extend shelf life and ensure the integrity of your confectionary with laminated foils.

Our unique capabilities include converting light gauge unsupported foils along with high temperature curing for inks and coatings requiring exposure to extreme environmental conditions.

Contact us if you need more information about candy foil wrappers, candy bar foil, or other confectioner’s foils.

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While the US produces the most chocolate and consumes the most pounds every year, the Swiss consume the most per capita

  • Candy Wrap / Confectioner's Foil Inventory
Gauge .00035″ – .0007″
AFI Stocks: .0005″
Sizes Sheets
Minimum Stock Colors = Varies Based on Size
Non-Stock Colors = 250 lbs. Minimum
Logos Random
Colors 12 stock colors (See Color Brochure)
Pantone or PMS is available too!
Colors File Downloads
Black & White Hues
Gold Hues
Red Hues
Green Hues
Blue Hues
Orange Hues
Brown & Beige Hues
Pink & Purple Hues
Matte Black Foil Wrap
Matte Black Foil Wrap
This lightweight foil is coated on both sides and can be molded to mask surfaces exposed to extreme temperatures and lighting

Food Service Foils
Food Service Foils
Our Food Service Foil is FDA and Kosher approved for use with direct and indirect food contact

Candy Foil Wrappers & Confectioner’s Foil
Candy Foil Wrappers & Confectioner’s Foil
Customized sheets and rolls are available in both unsupported and supported (paper backed) forms and in a multitude of colors

Heavy-Duty, Colorful Foil Ham Wrap
Heavy-Duty, Colorful Foil Ham Wrap
We stock gold, red, green, silver and blue wrap for same day shipments in half & whole ham sheets