Aluminum Foil for Capacitors

Short Lead Times on American Produced Capacitor Foil

Rolled and manufactured to match your exact application specifications, All Foils is committed to getting you the capacitor foil you need, where and when you need it. Available in gauges ranging from .00019” to .0015”, we have a wide selection of foil stocked in-house, and we set a targeted lead time of less than two weeks for most orders.

Serving as the perfect complement to our short leads times, our expert staff of in-house engineers and solution specialists are here to help you define the best match for your exact application needs. ISO 9001 certified, we take pride in helping our customers meet the always evolving demands of the electronic industry.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Foil Capacitor?

Capacitor Foil for Whatever the Application Requires

While short lead times are always the priority, we want to be more than just your foil supplier. Through our unmatched quality and commitment to the details, you receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything we produce has first met the approval of our stringent in-house QA lab.

Rolled in Alloy 1235 with 99.35% minimum Aluminum content, our foil slit edges are very clean, resulting in a consistent unwind with minimal breaks. The end result is a full range of capacitor films capable of matching just about any application need:

  • Gauge Ranges: Foil gauges range from .00019” to .00040”
  • Fully Annealed Foils: All capacitor foils are supplied as “A” wettable and are considered dry
  • Tight Tolerances: Foils can hold a tolerance down to 1/16”
  • Slit Widths: As narrow as ¼” and as wide as is needed for the application
  • Available Core Types: Cores available in Aluminum (1 5/16, 3”, 2.5” and 40 MM) and Cardboard (1/5/16 and 3”)

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  • Aluminum Foil For Capacitors
  • Aluminum Foil For Capacitors
  • Aluminum Foil For Capacitors
Gauges .0002″ to .0015″
(.0002″, .000275″, .000285″, .0003″, .000316″, .00035″, .0005″, .0006″, .0007″, .001″, .0015″)
Alloys 1145
Tempers 0 (Soft, Annealed)
Core Sizes (I.D.) 1-5/16″ to 3″
Core Types Fiber

Other gauges, alloys and tempers are available upon request.

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Reflectivity for radiant heat;
From source at 100°F
95% (Approx.)
Emissivity at 100°F 5% (Approx.)
Atomic Number 13
Atomic Weight 26.98
Valence 3
Strongly Electropositive 1.5/v
Specific Heat at 20° C .21 – .23 cal/gm/°C
Temperature coefficient of resistance for Aluminum at 20°C .0040-.0036
Temperature coefficient of resistance for Aluminum at 100°C .0031-.0028
Low Temperature Properties Aluminum increases in strength and ductility as temperature is lowered, even down to -320° F

The following are the uses for aluminum foil for capacitors:

  • Capacitor
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