Logo Printing

Logo Printed Foil

Help your product stand out with personalized logo foil

Branding is key in today’s business world. Your brand is what sets you apart from competition and lets people know exactly what they’re getting just from looking at packaging and logo printed foil can help.

Cultivate your business in a professional way by adding a logo to your light gauge foil product. All Foils can help you create that first impression and build your brand awareness in the market. We can print your logo on bare metal or over a flood coat to enhance your look. Choose from over 100 formulated hues or we can have our in-house lab tech formulate a color just for you. We’ll find the color combination that works perfectly and brings your brand the visibility you want.

Our unique capabilities include converting light gauge unsupported foils along with high temperature curing for inks and coatings requiring exposure to extreme environmental conditions.

Go next-level with your visual presentation with custom foil printing. Logo branding offers an opportunity to showcase your name in association with a great product. Knock people’s socks off with a subtle (or not-so-subtle) reminder of who you are.

Sizes come in both rolls and sheets with minimum orders of 250 lbs. Applications include food service, confectionery, health & beauty, industrial, cheese wrap and ham wrap.

Logo Printed Foil

The Big Ten conference once had 11 schools but they did not want to change their name so they used their logo to hide a number “11” in the name. Now that there are 12 schools what will they do?

  • Logo Printing
Gauge .00035″ – .008″
Sizes Available in both rolls and sheets
Minimum 250 lbs.
  • Food Service
  • Confectionary
  • Health & Beauty
  • Industrial
  • Cheese Wrap
  • Ham Wrap
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Foil Logo Printing
Foil Logo Printing

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