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Specialized processing for superior foil manufacturing

We’re not your everyday foil manufacturer. We include the word “all” in our name to remind you that we really do it all. From working with a broad range of materials to our specialized finishing processes, we are the leader in foil manufacturing.

Whatever your company is looking for from a foil manufacturer, you can find it here at All Foils. Explore our varied processes below, or some of our specific product offerings.

Logo Printing

Logo printing sets your brand apart from the rest by giving your something special to wrap your product in. Choose from over 100 colors or foil, or have our engineers come up with something special just for your industry! This process is typically used for the food and cosmetic industries to give products that little extra splash of color and individuality.

Foil Sheeting

Your industry might need foil sheeting rather than a full roll of foil. We can handle that for you. We offer foil sheeting for just about any material we carry, including aluminum, copper, and stainless steel foil sheeting. This process is popular for the food service, industrial, healthcare and automotive industries. All Foils leads in foil processing technology, and can sheet metal to meet your exacting specifications.

Foil Laminating

Foil lamination is used to create stronger foil materials for all sorts of industries and applications. Our machinery adds a thin layer of polyester, polypropylene or polyethylene to make strong, coated foil products.

Foil Cleaning

Foil that has been covered in residue can be a paid, but it doesn’t have to be thrown out or put through a slow internal process to clean. Send it to All Foils for cleaning! We are able to quickly remove oil, grease, and other residues from large amounts of foil so your workflow doesn’t have to slow or stop.

Foil Coating

Sometimes, plain foil isn’t enough. When your foil needs to have something else to it, coated foil might be the way to go. All Foils coats foils in a variety of coatings and coloring materials, such as epoxy, urethane, and polyester. Coated foils are stronger than uncoated, and can be more aesthetically pleasing for certain industries.

Foil Printing

Printing on foil is a way to get it to stand out, particularly if it is a visible part of your product packaging. Our foil printing services extend to custom-color printing, printing instructions on foil (for pharmaceutical applications), and more. We have over 100 formulated colors for printing services, but our engineers can also whip up new variations depending on your needs.

Foil Slitting

Foil slitting is a specialized process offered by All Foils on a wide range of materials. We know that your application might need specific types of slitting services, and we offer several. Our factory is capable of customized razor, rotary, and solid knife slitter processing on materials from stainless steel to cloth, and everything in-between!

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