Lidding Foils and Food Packaging

Lidding Foils and Food Packaging

Food-Service Foil Packaging

Foil containers are perfect for food packaging needs for a variety of reasons. All Foils provides lidding foils and container stock to the food service industry to help preserve food. Our customers in the food service industry choose our lidding foils because:

  • Aluminum container stock provides a barrier to protect food from deterioration.
  • Container foil is formable and can be molded into any shape.
  • Aluminum containers are sustainable and can be recycled.
  • Foil containers can provide aesthetic appeal. We offer a variety of colors and can print your logo on the packaging.
  • Aluminum is a conductor of heat, but is also heat-resistant. This allows quick and controlled heating of the container’s food content.

We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality and best lead times on their food packaging and lidding foils.

Food-service packaging foils can be used for covering or forming containers. Foil-topped food containers are easy to open while providing an excellent way to preserve freshness. As Dr. E. Pasbrig notes in “Lidding Foils for FORMPACK and Thermoformed Blister,” aluminum foil for lidding foils is double-rolled. This results from the application of a liquid separation agent between the two aluminum strips. Furthermore, push-through foil is chemically identical to peel-foil and only has a difference in temper.

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