Medical & Pharmaceutical Coated Aluminum Foil

Medical & Pharmaceutical Coated Aluminum Foil

Custom Coated Foil for Clinical, Laboratory and Retail Applications

If you need medical and pharmaceutical containment, All Foils can help. Our coated aluminum foil products ensure that packaged pharmaceutical products like pills, capsules and tablets are safely secured. In addition, our custom coated and laminated foils help protect from moisture, light, oxygen and contaminants. These foils are used in a variety of medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Flexible Packaging

A lot of detail goes into developing packaging for pharmaceutical products. Although the packaging might not look complicated, selecting the right flexible packaging coated aluminum foils for your product is important. Our pharmaceutical foil is used by many manufacturers for:

  • Needle wrap: For protecting medical needles in distribution, storage and usage.
  • Blister packaging: For pharmaceutical product protection, opening convenience and consistent high quality.
  • Corrosion resistant syringe vials: For keeping syringe vials durable, hygienic and secure.

In addition, we offer custom coated foil for medical lab needs. Whether you’re wrapping a beaker, flask or petri dish, our lab foil provides a tight seal.

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