With September winding down and surcharges set to go up again in October, stainless steel buyers continue to face high prices and tight supply. Views are mixed on how the picture will play out for November. Some stainless suppliers are letting inventories dwindle in hopes of a smaller surcharge in November while others are softening.. read more →

Prices for 18-8 stainless scrap flirted with $2,800 a ton on a delivered-to-mill basis in the Pittsburgh market this month before settling in a range of $2,750 to $2,775 a ton, scrap industry sources said. The more than $250 increase from the prevailing mill price in August was driven entirely by the steadily rising price.. read more →

The Copper Development Association (CDA) is preparing to submit an application to register antimicrobial copper alloys with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The CDA research has shown that 99.9 percent of bacteria are killed within two hours of coming into contract with copper alloy surfaces in contrast to no reduction in the concentration of live.. read more →

US nickel premiums are holding steady due to sparse spot sales as buyers wait for prices to cool off. Premiums for melting-grade nickel are holding at between 42 and 47 cents a pound. Several traders expected to see higher prices after Labor Day as buyers returned from summer holidays, but the market has yet to.. read more →

Stainless steel flat product demand shows no sign of abating, despite substantial surcharge increases to be implemented in October. Allegheny Technologies Inc. (ATI) of Pittsburgh was the first of North America’s three main stainless steel producers to issue its October surcharge list. ATI has set its Type 304 stainless surcharge at $1.2571 a pound, up.. read more →

Novelis Inc. is considering plans to sell its Foil and Technical Products division in Europe as part of a comprehensive restructuring program aimed at cutting costs. The struggling Atlanta-based aluminum rolled products company, will close its technology center in Neuhausen, Switzerland, and overhaul its central management and administration activities in Europe in an attempt to.. read more →

Despite concern that planned Midwest auto production cutbacks will eventually ripple into aluminum scrap markets, current pricing is generally flat. One smelter trimmed its price on mixed low-copper clips, but boosted old aluminum sheets and aluminum casts; while a seller in the Southeast reported prices generally up a penny. The across-the-board shifts in pricing were.. read more →

Smelters that held off cutting scrap buying prices last week began lowering them this week, many lopping off 2 cents a pound for some items. Some smelters might be low-balling prices at the tail end of the summer lull in an effort to maintain margins as the auto industry’s woes start to drag down the.. read more →

According to preliminary estimates from the Aluminum Association, aluminum demand in the United States and Canada totaled 2.238 billion pounds in June, up 3.8 percent from last year. Exports from North America totaled 467 million pounds in June, 24.4 percent higher than last year; while imports reached 528 million pounds, up 2.6 percent from last.. read more →

New York – the spot value of aluminum continues to climb on the back of an extremely tight scrap market. As one purchaser stated, “This market (is) like a runaway freight train.” As the market sits right now, the price is expected to continue its upward trend. American Metal Market January 30, 2006 read more →