Heavy-Duty, Colorful Foil Ham Wrap

Colored Ham Wrap

Looking to add some flare to your spiral ham? All Foils has the wrap for you. With a variety of colors options – even custom colors! – you’ll be sure to find the perfect foil for your needs.

Our .0015″ heavy duty aluminum foil is designed for spiral hams and is printed with a brine resistant ink. We stock gold, red, green, silver and blue wrap for same day shipments in half & whole ham sheets. We also offer convenient rolls which come in a dispenser box with a cutter bar for ease of use. Custom colors and sizes are available upon request. Our ham wrap meets FDA requirements for indirect food contact.

Our unique capabilities include converting light gauge unsupported foils along with high temperature curing for inks and coatings requiring exposure to extreme environmental conditions.

We have your ham covering needs covered. We keep the following colors in stock:

  • Gold
  • Red
  • Green
  • Silver
  • Blue

If you want a specific color, we can order in specific Pantone (PMS) colors in orders of 250 lbs. Check out the color brochure tab to see options for black/white, gold, red, green, blue, orange, brown/beige, and pink/purple foils.

Food wrap foil comes in a variety of sizes: half (20″ X 24″), full (24″ X 24″) and roll (24″ X 500 ft), but custom sizes are available upon request.

Shipping takes 3-5 days for in-stock inventory or 6-8 weeks for out-of-stock. Whether you want to keep your ham moist while cooking or fresh and beautiful while refrigerating, colored foil adds pizzazz to any holiday, banquet or special occasion.

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To properly carve your spiral ham, with a sharp knife first cut around the bone, then around along the muscle and finally cut from the bone straight down to the bottom of the ham

  • Ham Wrap Inventory
Gauge .0015″
Sizes Half Ham: 20” X 24”
Full Ham: 24” X 24”
Roll: 24’’ X 500 Feet
Minimum 3 Cases (300 Pieces/Case)
3 Rolls (500 Feet/Roll)
Logos Random
Colors Gold, Red, Green, Silver, Blue (stock colors)
Custom pantone (PMS) color available with 250# minimum order
Lead Time In stock : 3-5 Days or before
Non-stock : 4-5 weeks
Colors File Downloads
Black & White Hues
Gold Hues
Red Hues
Green Hues
Blue Hues
Orange Hues
Brown & Beige Hues
Pink & Purple Hues
Matte Black Foil Wrap
Matte Black Foil Wrap
This lightweight foil is coated on both sides and can be molded to mask surfaces exposed to extreme temperatures and lighting

Food Service Foils
Food Service Foils
Our Food Service Foil is FDA and Kosher approved for use with direct and indirect food contact

Blue Vein Cheese Foil Wrap
Our Cheese Wrap has been formulated in a variety of colors specifically for Blue Vein Cheese which has a minimum shelf life of 180 days

Candy Foil Wrappers & Confectioner’s Foil
Candy Foil Wrappers & Confectioner’s Foil
Customized sheets and rolls are available in both unsupported and supported (paper backed) forms and in a multitude of colors

Heavy-Duty, Colorful Foil Ham Wrap
Heavy-Duty, Colorful Foil Ham Wrap
We stock gold, red, green, silver and blue wrap for same day shipments in half & whole ham sheets